Figure 1 :  The House Is Black  (Peter Freund, 2017)
  Figure 2 : Shah's Bedroom (Iran News Agency)
  Figure 3A : The defiant final words of Hossein Fatemi (before his execution) are entered into the ASCII code underlying the image of the Shah’s bedroom.
  Figure 3B : Glitch strip resulting from poetic hacking process.
  Figure 4 : Poster for Farrokhzad’s film,  The House Is Black
  Figure 5 : Albrecht Dürer,  Draughtsman Making a Perspective Drawing of a Woman , 1525 (above). Agnes Martin,  Leaf , 1965 (below left). Ellsworth Kelly,  Colors for a Large Wall , 1961 (below right).
  Figure 6 : John Heartfield,  Mimicry , 1934 (left): an early artistic appropriation of Mayall’s photograph. John Mayall,  Portrait of Karl Marx , 1875 (right).
  Figure 7 : Auguste and Louis Lumière,  L’arrivée d’un train en gare de La Ciotat , 1895.
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